Telephone: 01565 655946
Telephone: 01565 655946
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Hunter Wheel Alignment & Tyres

At DAJ Automotive we offer a full tyre service - from supply & fit to individual wheel balancing and TPMS issues to puncture repairs. We offer a no obligation quote & advice for all tyre work - it's better to get your tyres checked if in doubt, just give us a call to book in or drop by for one of our technicians to check. With tyres it's important to check:

- Correct tyre spec - size, load rating & speed rating, 

- Tread depth - legal depth is 1.6mm, but low tread depth increases braking distance, 

- Damage - splits/tears, bulges or other damage, all reduces the safety of the tyre, 


If we don't have the tyre in stock we can usually get them within 1 working day - so just contact us to enquire. 


We also specialise with Tesla tyres and can offer the full range of Tesla OE tyres, and alternatives were suited.